Sister Breda Sits for Visual Art Students

Sister Breda Sits for Visual Art Students

The Year 12 ATAR Visual Art students are learning skills in applying tone, colour and composition whilst creating portraits. These skills will be used when the students create their final art pieces for the project in 2022.

Our class was very fortunate to have Sister Breda sit for a photoshoot so that our students could create observational portrait drawings based on the photos. Students focussed on the contrast of light and tone as they created their portraits, capturing Sister Breda in a contemplative pose.

Sister Breda was very excited to be involved and was very impressed by the final portraits.

Visual Arts Captain, Natalie Loach said, “It was really lovely to be able to work with a subject that we know personally. We have got to know Sister Breda more through this experience.”

Visual Arts student, Ruby Klass added “Sister Breda does a lot for our school, so it was really nice to do a drawing that honours her and her fellow Sisters of Mercy.”

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