Sisterhood Series Inspires Students for the Future

Following on from Term 2, students from Years 10, 11 and 12 continued to enjoy our Sisterhood Lunch Series again this term.

The series, held weekly during the students’ lunch break, offered them a unique opportunity to hear from alumni guest speakers from a variety of careers. Hearing from those working in the industries our students are considering pursuing after school has immense benefits and can help students determine if a particular career path might be right for them.

The girls learn first-hand about the education paths these alumni took while learning about the paths that have led to where they are today. They also hear about the highlights and some of the speakers’ challenges in their education and careers.

We are grateful to our speakers for giving up their time and inspiring our students through honest, open conversations. These lunches provide the perfect opportunity for students to ask questions, connect with successful professionals, and be inspired for their future.

Here are the alumni we have had the pleasure of hearing from in Term 3.

Simone D’Alton (2002), Primary School Teacher

Simone shared her journey, commencing as a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and progressing to her current vocation as a primary school educator.

She addressed topics such as work/life balance, her favourite years to teach, the advantages and disadvantages of her role as well as her passion for primary teaching.

Mickela Pinto (2013), Psychologist

Following the attainment of her Bachelor of Psychology degree at Curtin University and Master’s in Professional Psychology at Monash University, Mickela presently occupies a full-time position within a not-for-profit therapy centre called Kids Are Kids and is looking into balancing her role with research within the field.

Mickela shared the school subjects she studied, her academic journey at university, and the challenges she has faced throughout her career.

Rebecca Edwards (2002), Nurse

After completing her degree at Notre Dame University, Rebecca obtained a role within the day surgery team at St John of God Hospital Subiaco, where she is currently employed as a nurse within the day surgery team.

Rebecca discussed the many advantages and disadvantages of the profession and how her aspiration to assist the older demographic influenced her decision to pursue this career path.

Hannah Elsbury (2014), Brand Media Manager

After completing her degree in Commerce at UWA with first class honours, Hannah acquired a Marketing role as a Brand Media manager at Employment Hero. She gave insight into the many international organisations she collaborates with, the travel opportunities she has received, and her daily routine while working in a remote position.

Alicia Viforj (2001), Clinical Psychologist

Following her graduation from Santa Maria, Alicia pursued a Bachelor of Psychology with a minor in Child Development. She then went on to achieve a Masters of Applied Clinical Psychology from Murdoch University.

Alicia is now a clinical psychologist and founder of Zen Mind Psychology in Fremantle. She discussed the many opportunities available within the industry, her interest and specialisation in trauma therapy and the many opportunities that come with being a business owner.

Arianne McKenna (2016), Mechanical Engineer

After attaining a degree in Engineering from UWA and subsequently her Master of Mechanical Engineering, Ariana provided insight into her internships at Chevron and Woodside before commencing full-time employment at BHP.

The discussion revolved around the numerous advantages and disadvantages of working FIFO, her daily routine, the high school subjects that contributed to her success in this industry, how university prepared her for her career, and the valuable insights gained from working in a collaborative environment.

Natasha Stevens (2019), Criminology Student

Natasha is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in Criminology and Terrorism & Counterterrorism at Murdoch University. In addition to her academic commitments, she works part-time at a barrister’s chamber, which has allowed her to gain invaluable practical experience in this field.

Natasha shared the various job opportunities her degree has provided her with and her goal of working in the counterterrorism agency of the federal government once she completes her studies. She also highlighted the importance of the many opportunities that arise when collaborating with other industry professionals.

Jemma Bassi (2012), Physical Preparation Specialist 

Following her Bachelor of Sport Science, Exercise and Health at UWA, Jemma completed her Honours Degree with a focus on Sleep Science and subsequently achieved her Master’s Degree in Philosophy, Sport Science at Notre Dame University.

Jemma shared her passion for sport and physical education and how this led her to achieve her dream position as a Physical Preparation Specialist for swimming at the Western Australian Institute of Sport.

Moreover, she discussed the many relationships she has been able to establish alongside elite athletes and their coaches, what a typical day looks like, the many travel opportunities she has received, and how she manages to navigate within a male-dominated industry.

Laura Hutchinson (2004), Injury & Safety Manager

Laura shared her journey as a physiotherapist before transitioning into the Health and Safety Industry. After completing her Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy from Curtin University, she acquired senior physiotherapist positions throughout both Perth and the UK.

She eventually decided to shift her focus to Occupational Health & Safety, and after successfully completing her master’s degree, obtained an injury management consultancy role in Melbourne before returning to Perth to join 7-Eleven Australia as the Injury & Safety Manager.

Laura offered valuable insights into the diverse pathways available for those seeking to establish themselves as professionals in the Occupational Health & Safety field. She also discussed the daily responsibilities that encompass her role, emphasising the significance of interdepartmental collaboration in fully understanding the Fair Work Act and employment law.

If you would like to be a speaker at our Sisterhood Lunch Series in 2024, we would love to hear from you.  Please contact Elizabeth Houwert E: [email protected]

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