CEO of Smitten Cosmetics Talks to Year 11 Students

During Pastoral Care Time this week, Year 11 students enjoyed a talk from local businesswoman and entrepreneur Caroline Stanbury, CEO of Smitten Cosmetics.

Caroline spoke to the girls about resilience and accepting opportunities. She discussed different pathways you can take to start your own business, with or without a university degree. Carolyn also shared information on the marketing side of her business and spoke about the importance of financial literacy and budgeting. She discussed the importance of women supporting each other and developing a network of like-minded people who share your dream and add value to your project with their own skills.

The focus of her talk was on being bold with your goals and working hard to get there. Carolyn spoke about balancing her business and personal lives. She also shared stories of obstacles she has faced and how she overcame them. After the presentation Carolyn provided the girls with tips on beauty and skincare.

The students loved her enthusiasm, passion and advice about business and life, and of course her beauty products. The girls were also excited to receive some of the free prizes (lip paint) given away at end of presentation to students who asked great questions.

Annette McCubbin | Media Pubbles Coordinator

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