Spark6 Catapult Competition

During Spark6 this term, students have been building catapults. The girls have designed their own catapults, improved on them, tested them, modified and improved on them again until the final competition this week.

Challenges the girls faced included trying to make their catapult strong and stable. The girls worked together in teams to create the final product. There were two categories in the competition. One was distance and the other was accuracy.

The program was a chance to venture out and be creative with no wrong answer and being able to enjoy the social aspect of teamwork. 
Nishi Jayawickrena
The most enjoyable experience for me was being able to be creative in the building process and putting my ideas in to create a finished project I could be proud of. 
Bella Abrusci
All the catapults looked amazing and you could see the girls’ individual creative spark coming through in the teamwork and technology and enterprise.

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