Staff Professional Learning: LATER Model

Our teaching staff recently built on their understanding of Cognitive Load Theory.

During our March Professional Learning Day, we learnt from Dr Tim McDonald about Cognitive Load Theory. In May, we developed this understanding further by learning about teaching strategies to support cognitive load. Teachers then adapted these strategies and tested them in their classrooms. As part of our June Professional Learning Day, teachers evaluated and reported back on the impact of these strategies on learning.

This approach to professional learning is based on our LATER model which has been developed this year.

L – Learn about the strategy. Consider how it could benefit your students’ learning.

A – Adapt the strategy to support learning in your classroom. Determine a specific lesson in which you could attempt to use the strategy. Plan how you would use the strategy. Are any modifications required?

T – Test the strategy in a lesson. Have a go!

E – Evaluate the effectiveness of the strategy in supporting learning. How useful was the strategy? Are changes needed? How well did students learn because of the strategy?

R – Refine the application of the strategy. Practise using the strategy over a longer timeframe, so it becomes more fluent.

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