Starry, Starry Night: 2020 Year 12 Ball

The Year 12 Ball is always a highly anticipated event for the girls during their final year at Santa Maria.

In the piece below, Head Girl Jasmine Chow and Music Captain, Kate Kinsella, give us an insight into what the evening was like for the girls.  

The day of the Year 12 Ball had finally arrived. The event began at 7.00 pm, however, for most of us, the preparation began hours before.  We all greeted one another excitedly, in awe at how beautiful everyone looked in their dresses. When the doors to the ballroom opened, we made our way inside the brightly-lit room, decorated with fairy lights.  As we walked in, people’s faces lit up as the ballroom was transformed into the starry night we had all been waiting for.

We sat at our tables, enjoying one another’s company and the Thai beef salad, roast chicken dish and sticky date pudding. After dinner, we were all energised and ready to take on the dance floor. The great music played by the DJ had us all in a great mood, with some people dancing the whole night away. 

It was a great way to officially start our final year as Year 12s at the College.  It would not have been possible without the time and effort of our incredible Dean, Mrs Newton and our Homeroom teachers who attended the Ball. The Year 12 Ball was such a memorable night, and one that we will all cherish forever.

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