State Winners in RACI Crystal Growing Competition

Crystals are everywhere. Just think of our daily lives. Sugar and salt are crystals. LCD computer and TV screens have many tiny crystals inside. Where else can you find crystals? How about the classroom?

Congratulations to the following girls, who through the Mini Ladies in Lab Coats co-curricular group, recently won their state year division in the RACI Crystal Growing Competition. Students had to grow their own crystals in six weeks.

Year 6 –  Freya Townsend and Victoria Abrusci (Group name: Freori) First in their year group

Year 6 – Chloe Sayers, Eydie Spencer and Che Jervis (Group name: The Very Awkward Humans) Second in their year group

Year 5 – Olivia Regan, Emma Piu, Ariena Garces and  Gabrielle Connell (Group name Rainbow Watermelon) First in their year group

The crystals are now on their way to the national competition and we eagerly await the results.

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