STEngineers Handsfree COVID Stations

The Year 7 STEngineers students have been working on an engineering task. The girls researched, designed, built, and tested a hands-free hand sanitising station. The station had to be in line with the ‘Everyone – even when well – can help slow the spread of COVID-19’ government campaign.

It was a challenging task. The girls were provided with a budget of $30. They had to choose resources from the Bunnings website, design a structure, and then the even more difficult task…constructing it.

It was really tough and there were so many pitfalls along the way. Some of the girls had never seen a hand saw, let alone used one. They needed to be mindful of limiting waste, as they could not buy more resources.

Sometimes, what the girls thought would work, didn’t, and there were disagreements during the design and construction process. However, the girls learned lots of new skills and built upon the skills they already had.

Head of Science, Ailsa Harris said, “Challenges throughout the project were overcome and the growth in the girls was evident. They were so proud of their achievements and this was a perfect example of Connecting Learning to Life“.

Over 200 students in the school came along to the Superlab in the Science Department to vote on the station they deemed to be the best in terms of function, as well as design.

The girls really excelled in this task and produced amazing structures, which will be used throughout the school, helping us all to be ‘Santa sanitisers’.

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