Step Sisters: Doing It For Their House

The Years 5 – 8 girls enjoyed some healthy House rivalry during PCT this week.

Within their Homerooms, the girls took part in a pedometer challenge called Step Sisters. 

In a relay format, each member of the Homeroom had to carry a pedometer for at least one minute each and do as many steps as they could over the course of half an hour. The House with the highest step count wins.

When the girls weren’t holding the pedometer, they kept active with a session of Just Dance. 

Here are the results:

1st Place: Corbett
2nd Place: O’Donnell 
3rd Place: Frayne 
4th Place: Kelly
5th Place: Byrne
6th Place: de la Hoyde
7th Place: O’Reilly
8th Place: Dillon

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