Strategic Goals 2022 – Jennifer Oaten

Santa Maria College is a vibrant school with a growing local presence and reputation. We are a school that continually reflects on how we can continue to improve to ensure the best possible outcomes for students, staff and our community. The work of the College is guided by our Strategic Plan.

The development of our Strategic Plan commenced in July 2020 with ‘Create the Change’, our consultation phase where we sought input from our community.  Consultation with staff, students, parents, College Advisory Council and Alumni occurred.

Our thinking was future-focussed yet ensuring our Catholic and Mercy ethos remained central to all we do.

We developed contemporary Mission and Vision Statements, redefined our Mercy values and established the five pillars that form our strategic framework.

The five pillars

Our Strategic Plan 2021-2025, which we launched in 2021, can be viewed HERE.

The next step was to establish the strategic opportunities to be incorporated into each pillar.

The College Leadership Team determines the priorities each year from our Strategic Plan to guide our work. 

Strategic Goals 2022

  • Promote our Mercy value for 2022, Service.
  • Provide relevant contemporary faith opportunities with support from our student ministry team.
  • Establish a student diversity group.
  • Publish and distribute the student prayer book.
  • Establish partnerships for learning (staff, students, community, business, other schools, and industry).
  • Identify ways to measure Connecting Learning to Life
  • Implement our recently developed Wellbeing Curriculum.
  • Implement our waste minimisation initiative.
  • Align co-curricular opportunities with our Strategic Plan.
  • Establish Santa’s Workshop, a space for learning life skills.
  • Implement a Young Entrepreneurs co-curricular opportunity.
  • Provide innovative opportunities to engage with our parents.
  • Develop strategies for our alumni to engage with the College.
  • Establish partnerships with local councils and industry.
  • Appoint architects, design Cultural Centre/Performing Arts building and commence build.
  • Complete the carpark development.
  • Establish and launch a Foundation (at an appropriate time).

We look forward to providing updates throughout the year via our News Blog to keep you informed about our strategic achievements.  In my role as Principal, my work in implementing the Strategic Plan brings me much energy and passion, particularly in these COVID-19 times.

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