Strive9: Students Create Mandalas

Strive9 was launched last week, with a challenge to the girls to create a mandala, both as an individual and then as a Homeroom.

Strive9 is a key part of the Year 9 calendar and falls under the College’s Enhanced Learning Program.

In Strive9, students develop an understanding that they can play a role in their local community by embracing the opportunity to act and make a difference. During Strive9, students organise a community project, where they are taught the value of participating in the lives of others in a selfless manner. 

Collaborating with Western Australian Visual Artist Kerry Harrison, the girls were inspired to bring objects found to PCT this week. These items were to represent their time in isolation. What they didn’t know, is that Kerry had prepared mystery boxes of special materials to help them with their group product. 


Strive9 ensures students work together as a Homeroom group and that they engage with people from outside of the College to achieve their goals.

Some of the girls share their thoughts below.


Making the Mandala out of the things we did in isolation bought back so many memories happy and sad. The homeroom really enjoyed coming together to create something so special that represented every individual. Caitlyn Lee

Today’s PCT activity was making a Mandala with objects that you used to represent what you did during the isolation holidays. I enjoyed the task as I was able to make conversation with my homeroom and show them what I had done.When the whole homeroom made a giant mandala, it was fun to see everyone collaborate with their ideas to design and the excitement of the mystery box. Thank you, Mrs Murray for giving us the opportunity to have a fun time with our homeroom. Amanda Nguyen

During year 9 PCT, we participated in an activity to help with the strive9 thinking process. We all brought in items from home that we did in isolation. We then made a Mandala out of the items. I loved the bonding time with my homeroom and the creative juices were flowing! We then incorporated our individual ideas into a massive homeroom one! The end result was amazing, as we all loved coming together and being innovative. Alana Clements


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