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Strokes of Inspiration: A Day of Art with Wade Taylor

Our Year 11 Visual Art and Design students recently enjoyed an extraordinary day of artistic exploration alongside Perth artist, Wade Taylor. Immersed in a realm of creativity and learning, the students were guided through a captivating journey of tone, colour, and the expressive use of oil paint.

Wade Taylor, a familiar presence at Santa Maria College, brought his distinctive artistic style to the forefront. With a focus on Australian identity and landscape, Taylor’s profound exploration resonates with suburbia, nostalgia, and the ordinary aspects of contemporary Australian life. His art weaves a visual narrative that captures the familiar yet mysterious qualities of the landscape, emphasising the materiality of paint and the emotive interplay of colour and light.

Throughout the day, Taylor conducted immersive sessions, emphasising the significance of building tone, mastering colour mixing, and employing dynamic techniques with oil paint.

Students were encouraged to embrace a loose, gestural approach to mark-making, fostering a sense of freedom and expressiveness. In the process, they skilfully captured the ‘unseen’ spaces around the College, adding an extra layer of depth to their artistic endeavours.

The art encounter day with Wade Taylor proved to be transformative for our students, providing them with a unique glimpse into the world of an artist who navigates the realms of colour and expression with skill and finesse.

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