Student Leadership Council: First Official Meeting

The 2018-2019 Student Leadership Council (SLC) had the opportunity to come together and hold their first official meeting as the student leaders of the College community for the upcoming year on Thursday. Our afterschool gathering, held in the Staff Community Room, began with a ‘Call to Leadership’ Liturgy. Our prayer focus was a collection of various important symbols; a Mercy Cross reminding us of the rich heritage of service and leadership that defines our College, a flame as an ancient symbol of leadership in the Scriptures, and a small olive tree symbolising the hope of our upcoming leadership journey.

The student leaders, with Mrs Oaten participated in a thoughtful and interactive prayer, in which we reflected on the leadership and acts of mercy of our foundress Catherine McAuley, a role model we should all look to for inspiration, as her ability to address need in a practical and loving way defined her leadership.

During the Liturgy, Ms Speranza invited us to participate in an anointing ritual placing a cross on our hands with olive oil, calling us to use our hands to do good and serve in our role as leaders, just as men and women in our Christian tradition have been called to do.

We were then honoured to be addressed by Mrs Oaten who encouraged us to explore what leadership means to each of us.  She provided us with an African Parable, which emphasised the power of one person to make a huge difference in the lives of others. Mrs Oaten also shared her three important characteristics of leadership – compassion, innovation and action. She also shared with us her journey to becoming Principal of Santa Maria College.

The afternoon continued with the SLC meeting noting significant events ahead in the 2018/2019 calendar and began discussions and work on several events coming up soon. Our time together ended with dinner in the Boarders’ Recreation Room, overlooking the swan River, a beautifully decorated space and a delicious catered meal by the College Catering Team. Overall, the afternoon was invaluable and enjoyed by all leaders, a perfect way to begin our time together and a great start to the year ahead.

Emma Robinson, Head Girl

Shaping Future Leaders- Jennifer Oaten

At Santa Maria College, we believe that leadership is a journey of learning, not just a title or position. For over 80 years, our Year 12 students have been at the forefront of shaping our school’s culture through their leadership. As one cohort graduates and another takes the helm, the baton of leadership is passed, igniting the potential within each new group of young women.

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