Student Mental Health Ambassadors – Jennifer Oaten Principal

At Santa Maria College we have commenced the development of our Mental Health Framework which is being driven by our Mental Health Ambassadors. By definition, an ambassador is a person who is dedicated to serving the community for a particular purpose.

Two Mental Health Ambassadors in each year group, from Years 7-12, have been chosen to represent their year group. They have shown great dedication, initiative and creativity in the workshops they have participated in over the last few weeks.

The Ambassadors are:

Year 7 – Georgia De Bueger, Jayda Maher

Year 8 – Mia Galipo, Matilda Reid

Year 9 – Georgie Law, Siena Monck

Year 10 – Madeline Carmody, Grace McCormack

Year 11 – Olivia von Bertouch, Tehya Conroy

Year 12 – Isabella Robertson, Hayley Roche

Their enthusiasm and passion for raising awareness about mental health have been evident. The Student Ambassadors are gaining experience in leadership, organisation, time management and working collaboratively within a diverse group.

It has been interesting hearing the students’ perspectives on mental health, and their thoughts on the strategies they believe could be effective, moving forward. In some cases, they are the polar opposite of an adult’s perspective.

To ensure that we are all working towards the same outcome the Ambassadors have formulated their goal –   ‘Together we will ensure that all Santa Maria students have the skill set to manage their wellbeing (emotional, mental, physical and social), tackle challenges and thrive in school and in life.’

Over the last two weeks of Term 1 and the first week of Term 2, the Ambassadors will be starting a conversation about mental health within the school community.  They will be running a variety of activities that encourage discussion and the collection of data that will be used to develop the framework and strategies moving forward.   All students will be involved.  Parents and staff will also have an opportunity to contribute.

The first two questions the girls will be seeking answers for next week are:

  • What is mental health?
  • What are the biggest mental health challenges students at Santa Maria face?

We are very appreciative of the work the Ambassadors are doing in assisting us with the development of our mental health framework.

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