Students Adopt a Penguin

Science Teacher, Pauline Charman’s Year 11 Integrated Science class has ‘adopted a penguin’ from the Penguin Foundation as part of their topic on environmental degradation. The 11 girls all decided to contribute to the adoption fee cost.

“We’ve been studying the effects of oil pollution on the environment and the plight of penguins that are impacted by oil spills in the ocean was a strong talking point,” Pauline said.

The class have also decided to start knitting some penguin jumpers to donate, as they are able to prevent the oil-covered penguins from preening and ingesting the oil.

Pauline added, “The girls are very excited as the ‘penguin’ (his name is ‘Phillip Rio’!) arrived today, along with a certificate of adoption.”

Integrated Science student Ruby Minervini said, “Adopting a penguin has been such an amazing experience for us. As a class, we have become closer through our interest in the topic. We are loving being able to adopt a penguin and learn how penguins are affected by oil spills and what society can do to help. This opened our eyes and will have a lasting impact on us .”


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