Students Bring Easter To Frontline Workers

Year 5 students have only been at Santa Maria for one term but this year’s value of Compassion has made an impact on them already.

Before Easter, over a family lunch, Year 5 student Sofia Galeano Riveros, came up with the idea of taking some Easter chocolates to the frontline workers at the COVID-19 Clinic at Fiona Stanley Hospital.

Sofia told her family, “Imagine if lots of kids donated chocolate eggs to the doctors and nurses so they can have a happy Easter. It can be a small gesture to say thank you for all the great things they are doing for us.”

Sofia’s mum, Andrea quickly sent a message to the Year 5 families asking them if the girls wanted to write a thank you card for the staff and contribute some chocolates so they could create hampers.

“Their response was incredible – entirely out of this world!” Andrea said. “The girls and some of their siblings wrote beautiful cards and donated so many chocolates that we were able to make up four hampers to take to the clinic. I am so proud of them and their families – what a great community.”

The cards and chocolates were delivered to Tracey Penwill, Manager of Integrity & Ethics at Fiona Stanley Hospital on Easter Thursday.

“The Easter eggs were very much appreciated, but what was really special were the notes we received from the girls,” said Tracy.

The cards and notes are being displayed in the main foyer of the hospital, as a reminder to staff of the wonderful job they are doing and the appreciation the community has for them.

This experience has given Sofia more determination to realise her dream of one day working for Doctors Without Borders, as well as a staff member in a hospital ICU.

Well done Sofia and the Year 5 girls and their families!

Sofia and her sister delivering the hampers and cards to Fiona Stanley staff

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