Students Changed by George Orwell Play

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Politically thrilled and fundamentally changed, senior Drama students emerged from Robert Icke and Duncan MacMillan’s production of  “1984” by George Orwell pleasantly disturbed and wittingly provoked.

The confronting and high energy nature of the play was perfectly paired with the stirring subject matter about the imposition of a controlling government and the nature of our own thoughts. The performance gave us all something to talk about as we deconstructed the sensory overload we had experienced.

Students and teachers alike marvelled at the skilled acting, technical elements and staging of this production along with the pressing questions posed by the political commentary in the play. Year 12 students Sofia Zaninovich and Courtney Withers called the play “twisted and eerily relevant”, a truly captivating and unique dramatic experience.

Jessica Brown | Academic Captain

This article is brought to you by Santa Maria College a WA Catholic Girls Schools – Years 5 – 12

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