Students Chosen for State Hockey Team

Congratulations to Hannah Carmody Year 7, Scarlett Huston Year 7 and Alicia Tory Year 8 who have been selected in the State Under 13 Hockey team. The girls will be travelling to Hobart in early October.

We asked the girls about their selection.

Scarlet Huston has been playing hockey for 7 years. She plays with Hannah Carmody with the Melville City Hockey Club.  “I am very excited to go to Hobart in October,” Scarlet said.

“The best thing about hockey is that it’s a challenge. Each time you are against another team there are new challenges and people you have to adjust to. I get to play with my friends and meet new people. It keeps me fit but it is still fun. To prepare for my games, I do the normal things: run a lap, then do dynamic warm-ups, high knees, butt kicks, then I do passing with a partner and whatever the coaches ask.”

We asked Scarlet what she is most looking forward to about playing for WA in October. “I am looking forward to getting to know the girls in my team and learning from them, so I can improve. I am also excited to meet other teams and have different challenges. And of course, I get to represent WA with my team.”

Alicia Tory, has been playing hockey since she was 6 or 7 years of age, but says “I was around it much longer, as my older sisters play hockey as well.” Alicia currently plays for Vic Park Panthers.

Alicia said she loves the fast play and all the different skills you can learn.  “I love playing in a team and getting to know everyone in the team. I also love how the hockey community is so embracing towards everyone.” We asked Alicia how she prepares for a game. “Before a game, I always love putting a ribbon in my hair and having some sort of plait or braid in my hair.  I also have a special way of tying and tucking my shoelaces in my shoes so they do not annoy me when I play.”

“The thing I’m most looking forward to when I go to Hobart is representing WA to the best of my ability and trying my absolute best. I am excited to play a full week of hockey and to get to know the group of girls really well.”

Hannah has been playing since she was four or five years old and plays for the Melville Hockey Club.

Hannah said she loves everything about hockey. “It’s such a great team sport and I love all the positions. Before a game, I listen to music that will pump me up and do a good warm up so I’m ready for the game! I’m really looking forward to bonding with my team in Hobart, travelling and playing for my state!”

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