Students Conquer the 2023 Academic Triathlon

Once again, it is that time of year when students take part in three exciting events with the aim of being crowned ‘Smartest House.’ O’Reilly House Coordinator Sarah Morris describes the event as “A McAuley Shield event that comprises a spelling bee, general knowledge quiz, and mathematics competition. Students from every year level and each House battle it out to outwit, outlast and ‘outspell’ to earn points for their house.”

Students in Years 5 – 8 took part in the spelling bee segment of the triathlon, while those in Years 9 – 11 put their general knowledge to the test.

We had a chat with 2024 Academic Captain Sanjana David Selvendra, who assisted with creating the quiz questions: 

What aspect of the Academic Triathlon do you look forward to the most?

I look forward to seeing the collaboration between the girls as they unite to find solutions together. The Academic Triathlon presents a valuable opportunity for individuals to be challenged and demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Witnessing their teamwork and friendly competitiveness adds to the enjoyment of the event. The Academic Triathlon offers an exciting and engaging experience for all participants, with its overall challenge contributing to the fun and excitement.

Could you describe the process behind selecting the questions for the competition?

When choosing the questions for the general knowledge section of the quiz, I had to consider the various aspects and knowledge levels of each individual and year group. I relied on the guidance of former academic captains, referring to their quizzes and using their presentations as a blueprint.

Before taking on the role of Academic Captain, how did you prepare for the triathlon in previous years?

For the majority of the years, I participated in the maths portion of the triathlon. To get ready, I would solve random practice questions to cover fundamental topics. Additionally, I would collaborate with my teammates to devise a strategy. For instance, the first teammate would aim to complete as many questions as possible, while the second teammate would tackle the more challenging ones the first couldn’t finish.

Do you have any advice for younger students on how they can best prepare for the Academic Triathlon in 2024?

To prepare for the maths triathlon next year, it should be enough to practice a few maths questions on different topics. To get ready for the spelling bee, I suggest having a family member quiz you on random words or enlist the help of a friend. For general knowledge, reading and keeping up with the news can provide valuable insights about the world. The key is to communicate with your teammates, as success depends on working together within your Houses to find solutions!

In Week 7, the triathlon progressed with the mathematical portion for students in Years 5 – 8. The mathematical challenges encompassed a variety of problems, spanning from sequence questions to geometry. Furthermore, the excitement peaked as our Year 6 students delved into a ‘verbal question round.’ Picture this: each team strategically chooses one member to tackle questions, racing against the clock with a tight 15-second time limit.

The Year 5s showed great courage and dedication to their Houses in the spell off. It was a wonderful atmosphere in the Doyle building   Marissa Gangemi, Corbett House Coordinator 

 The atmosphere was electric as teams battled it out to showcase their general knowledge – Callum Tilak, O’Donnell, House Coordinator 

Get ready for the thrilling reveal! Stay tuned for the results and witness the moment when we discover who will win the ‘2023 Smartest House.’

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