Students Farewell Ask Any Girl

Sadly, this week, the cast and crew of the College Production Ask Any Girl were notified that the Production would be cancelled due to COVID-19.

Everyone has worked very hard to create the world of Ask Any Girl and an incredible amount of time and energy has gone into the process thus far. Of course there are feelings of disappointment, frustration and sadness from the cast and crew and disappointment from family and friends who were looking forward to seeing their daughters and peers shine on stage. I am very proud of how well the cast and crew have worked to date; their warmth and kindness for each other to create a supportive environment and be vulnerable is something the COVID-19 cannot take away.

I know the cast and crew have learnt so much about performing, working collaboratively, being creative, understanding the perspectives of others and of course learning about a different time and place to our own.

We cannot always control the effect of situations around us, but we can certainly control our response to them and with this in mind the cast and crew spent their last 2 rehearsals together to farewell Ask Any Girl. We have cried together, laughed together and reflected upon these crazy times and how we can continue to create and share our talents under these very challenging circumstances. We hope to have something to share with you very soon and that you too might find entertaining in these uncertain times.

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