Students Get UniReady!

2023 has seen thirteen Santa Maria College students achieve excellent results in the completion of the Curtin UniReady Enabling pathway in its inaugural year. All girls have successfully completed the following units:

  • Fundamentals of Academic Writing
  • Foundations of Communication
  • Introduction to Health Sciences
  • Introduction to Humanities

In these units, students are considered university students. They receive a university student ID number, use Curtin University’s online Learning Management System (LMS),  have full access to the Curtin University Library, including its online database, and they submit assessments which follow university policies. By passing all four units, they receive a notional ATAR of 70 and English Competency, which gives them guaranteed entry into a wide variety of university courses across WA.

Students learn key skills such as how to write in the academic style expected at university, how to conduct research using academic journal articles and how to reference in the way expected of university students. This is hugely advantageous in preparing our girls for the transition to university.

Our students started their UniReady journey with a visit to Curtin University, where they had a presentation by the Admissions Team Julie Langmead and Cathy Gonzales. The students completed a tour and became a student for the afternoon, and they experienced a taste of classes in different faculties. They also enjoyed lunch together and an opportunity to have a glimpse into the social side of university life! 

In its first year being offered at Santa Maria, the course has been incredibly successful. Many of our students have already received early offers into the pathway of their choice, ranging from Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Creative Media: double major in Screen Production and Sound, Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Science: Psychology and Bachelor of Health Sciences.

Next year’s Year 12s will commence their UniReady journey in Week 4 of Term 4. If you are interested in learning more about this program, contact Leana Martin, UniReady Coordinator or Elizabeth de Byl, UniReady Lead Teacher.

What did the students think of the program?

I am so grateful I was able to take the UniReady course. It has taught me vital communication skills that I am using and will continue to use through the rest of my schooling career and university in the future. UniReady has helped me improve in all subjects. Grace Foster

I have learned how to overcome and manage my stress levels and how to adapt to certain situations where I might not feel the smartest or understand the content straight away. By taking the UniReady pathway, I have even seen an improvement in my other subjects due to the new skills that I have learned throughout the units. Mia Brodalka

These courses have provided us with the skills we need to become successful university students and to thrive and persevere through the challenges that university may present. These skills include APA 7th referencing, maintaining academic integrity in our work, paraphrasing skills, group work, effective researching, and, most importantly, writing in an academic style. I feel much more confident in my ability to produce work at university level and succeed in whatever I want to do. This course has provided me with very important skills for my future, which is beneficial in the long run. Ruby Barber

The Curtin UniReady course has set me up better for university than any other pathway would have. It has given me practical insight into the type of problems I may face in my academic future, allowing me to be prepared for these challenges. By mastering the fundamental skills taught in this program, I am confident in my ability to excel academically at university whilst also enjoying my time there. Lily Pietersen

The Curtin UniReady course has given me skills on how to effectively read through academic journal articles and select credible, accurate information to put in assignments. I have also learned how to properly reference and paraphrase to communicate the ideas of researchers effectively. It has been very useful to know how to write proper academic assignments. I am very proud of the results I have achieved through every unit and subject. The UniReady course has made me feel more prepared for the future in university and for life outside of high school. Grace Bibby

I was excited to start UniReady as I knew the skills learned through the course would be beneficial and keep me on track academically. I am grateful for Mrs de Byl’s support as she guided us with enthusiasm and positivity. Without this course, I feel like I would be very lost at university next year trying to navigate a new way of learning. I would recommend this course to other students as the skills I have learned so far are invaluable and have made me feel prepared to take on university study. Alana Clements

Being a part of the UniReady class has given me a good sense of what university work could be like. I believe the UniReady course has also helped me a lot through Year 12 and has taught me different things, such as just how much value time management holds. Essentially, being part of the UniReady course has helped me immensely, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to do it. I now feel prepared, ready and excited for university next year. Madeleine Armstrong

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