Students Heading to National Water Polo Championships

Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to compete at the Water Polo National Championships in Victoria in March.

Year 7

Bridget Cranley

Year 8

Jessica Gooding
Ally Hackett
Alli Nokes
Scarlett Weaver
Abby Young

Year 9

Charlie Regan
Daisy Ryan
Lucy Anderson
Brooklyn Barr

Below is a quote from Jessica Gooding about being selected.

“To be selected into the water polo nationals team, I had to attend all of the trials and try my very best, to make the ‘A’ team. Because I made the ‘A1’ team, I was selected with some of my friends. We play for the Melville Water Polo Club.

I have been playing at Melville Water Polo Club since 2015 (Year 5) in a Saturday morning team, and then tried out for a Monday night team in 2016 (Year 6). I was selected and put into A2, the second team, from then on, I realised that I wanted to play the sport forever.

I’m so excited to compete in the 2018 Water Polo Nationals Championships, and I’m positive everybody else who is going is too.”

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