Students Helping Students: The Importance of Peer Support

Santa Maria College offers various academic peer support groups; students helping students.

The peer support groups on offer at Santa Maria, include Study Buddies, Homework Heroes and TAMs. They provide many great opportunities for students. Study Buddies in particular really unites the College. Year 10 students come together to assist the Years 5 and 6 students with their work. TAMs is another group, where Year 12 students not only assist Years 10 and 11 students with their current studies, but offer them insight and advice into their important final high school years ahead. 

Why is peer support such a valuable addition to student learning? We asked Shanice D’Silva, our Academic Captain who explained, “Peer support groups encourage girls to establish a connection and build relationships across Year groups. Younger girls are able to seek advice and help from older girls who’ve gone through the same experiences they are currently going through.

“It’s not only beneficial in an academic sense, but it allows girls to grow socially, encouraging the older girls to take on leadership roles by becoming a mentor and role model. This also motivates the younger students to give back and do the same when they can.”

Year 6 student Eva Matthews, said “I really like Study Buddies because I get to meet the older girls and it helps me control the workload of homework I get.”

Nishi Jayawickrema in Year 10, said “I love that I am able to assist my buddy in achieving her goals through using my knowledge and experience as a senior school student. Seeing my buddy understand a maths problem, achieve the mark she was aiming for in an assignment, or overcome her public speaking fears are just some of my highlights from this amazing co-curricular!

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