Students Learn to B StreetSmart

As a parent, the thought of your child getting behind the wheel for the first time or riding in a car driven by a new driver can be anxiety-inducing. However, events like the RAC bstreetsmart aim to ease those worries by educating young people about responsible driving.

This year, the annual bstreetsmart event was held at the RAC Arena, with over 7000 Year 10 students from various schools across Perth in attendance. The event was a significant experience for the students, as they were confronted with the harsh realities of car accidents through a simulated crash scenario and personal testimonies from survivors.

The event emphasised the importance of safe driving and encouraged students to take their driving responsibilities seriously. It also challenged them to think about how their choices could impact not only themselves but also their parents, friends, and the community. The students left with a clear message that safe driving saves lives.

Throughout the event, the students learned essential skills such as first aid and DRABCD, the dangers of distracted driving and driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They were also educated on crash first aid, which included not moving a person stuck in a car or removing a helmet from a crash victim. Additionally, the event highlighted the dangers of riding motorbikes.

Overall, the bstreetsmart event was a valuable learning experience for the Year 10 students, and they now have the opportunity to put their newfound knowledge into practice as they begin their journey into adulthood and the independence that comes with obtaining a driver’s license. The event was a prime example of connecting learning to real-life situations, and the takeaways will undoubtedly stay with the students for years to come.

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