Students Learning How To Study

It’s been a great start for the Year 7s this term. They have been trying their hands at study skills, utilising the College digital platform, called upGrade.  The girls have had a go at a variety of important study skills from note-taking to memorisation techniques.

Library Staff, Amanda Crossley, and Amy Hollingsworth have been teaching the upGrade program to the girls, with a view to building the study skills groundwork that our Year 7s can continue to develop throughout their time at Santa Maria. “Learning the difference between homework versus study can make a big difference. Just by doing a little bit of study every night, our girls can avoid the late-night cramming sessions later on, ” suggests Amanda Crossley, Head of Library. 

UpGrade is accessible at school and home via SEQTA, and students are welcome to try their hands at the variety of eCourses at any time. The Year 7s are also enjoying the incentives of earning SMC coins as they complete courses, and being able to spend their coins on cafe vouchers and printing credits as they progress through the program.

The upGrade eCourses are available to all Santa Maria students via SEQTA. Our students are welcome to brush up on their study skills at any time, learning at their own pace and earning some highly sought-after SMC Coins too!

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