Students Line Up To Sign Up For Service Groups

Service Sign-up Day was a great success! At both recess and lunch on Thursday, the leaders of each service group displayed boards outlining the activities their group engaged in. This gave students an opportunity to see which activities they may want to take part in.

On display were the following groups: Yarn, Christian Service, Young Mercies (made up of Cook-ups, Making a Difference, Aged Care Visits, Saint Pats and for the younger students Uthando dolls), Junior Sprouts and Mini Vinnies. Eco-sisters, Young Vinnies and the Social Justice group were also on display. All received an abundance of girls wanting to be a part of their activities.

Recess provided an opportunity for the students in Years 5 – 8 to become familiar with the service groups, and lunch time gave the senior students  the opportunity to sign up for their favourite activities, or explore new ones. The day was the perfect way for all students at the College to get involved in the many service opportunities available, and paved the way for an excellent year of service.

Ruby Mavrick, Service Captain

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