Students Meet Saroo Brierley

Our students were invited to enter a competition organised by MercyCare where they were required to submit a photograph highlighting one of the Mercy values. Six students; Ella Douglas, Iysha O’Meara, Sinead Smithies, Skyla Pengilly, Tia Kenny and Grace Ritchie were invited to attend a meeting with Saroo Brierley. Saroo led an inspiring search for his birth mother in India after he was accidentally separated as a five-year-old. The box office movie ‘Lion’ is based on his life.

Here are some reflections from the girls.

Saroo’s story was remarkable, his speech captivating and very moving. The determination he showed in locating his family was incredible, and inspired us to possess the same sense of tenacity in the face of adversity. Sinead Smithies, Year 11 

His strong passion and determination to find his biological parents was truly touching making me realise how we watch so many movies and are just so relieved that it’s “just a movie”. But these are actually individual stories that have changed and shaped them into the people they are today.  Grace Ritchie, Year 10  

The guest speaker at this year’s MercyCare Oration was Saroo Brierley, whose moving story touched at the heartstrings of many. Listening to Saroo’s journey of self-discovery, I felt inspired by his determination and willpower to find a place of such value and importance in his life. On meeting Saroo, I found him to be a humble man, who has empowered himself with sheer determination to achieve what seemed impossible. I share his feeling of happiness at what he has achieved and overcome. He faced many challenges, but determination to succeed won in the end. It was an honour to meet Saroo and personally listen to his journey to find his home. Ella Douglas, Year 11 

Saroo’s determination and persistence throughout his journey has inspired me to work hard and never give up on dreams. I loved listening to his story and meeting him in person as this was a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Tia Kenny, Year 10 

At the Mercycare Oration, it was amazing to hear from Saroo Brierley. Listening to his story, about his journey from the streets of Calcutta to Hobart and back to his home town. His motivation to see his birth family again was inspiring and we all watched and listened on in awe at his determination. Meeting Saroo was an amazing experience and I am so grateful to MercyCare for the opportunity. Skyla Pengily Year 11 Dillon.

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