Students Reflect on their Faith

College Reflection Days are set aside for the faith formation of our students. Students are encouraged to step outside their comfort zones and mingle with other students while having the opportunity to reflect on who they are with God, self, and others. 

Years 7 and 8 students enjoyed a day away from the classroom this week, were they were asked to reflect on their faith through a variety of activities. 

Year 7

The Year 7 Reflection Day theme was: ‘Created in Christ’ This program is designed to provide students with an appreciation for the Creator of all things, the wonder of humanity as the pinnacle of creation and our universal call to embrace our role as stewards of creation.

Year 8

The theme for the Year 8 day was ‘Community in Christ.’ Students were led through various activities, including watching video clips, participating in small group discussions, and team building. These activities seek to draw students’ attention to the foundation blocks provided by God, in the gift of family, our College and the church, supporting us to become the best version of ourselves. 

The Reflection Days were facilitated by the 24/7 Ministry Team. The team runs engaging Reflection Days for schools catering for the middle school years, focussing on the objectives of the Religious Education program taught within Catholic schools. 

Reflections from Students

Something I learned from the day was how much we were worth. We watched a very inspirational video that taught me that no matter what, we are all worth so much in our own unique ways and that God truly loves us all equally. A key thing that I also took away from the day was how important my actions and words can be and how they affect others.

I particularly enjoyed the activity where we walked around blindfolded with only someone else’s voice to lead us around. One of the videos we watched was about someone who was about to pass on. This is what they said: “I regret some of the things I did, but I regret more the things I did not do.” This taught me to make the most of my God-given talents because I can do anything if I try. Sophia Parker, Year 7

I liked the inspired activity most. We reflected on the many ways we can make a positive difference to our families and the College. I enjoyed this because it made me realise what I could do to help at home and school. I also learned that I need to appreciate all the wonderful people in my life more. I need to appreciate my family, friends, and teachers more and not take people for granted.  Tenille Pretorius, Year 8

I really enjoyed the trust activities because they taught us to trust our peers, and I also had lots of fun. Sarah Tulloch, Year 8

Reflection Day was a valuable opportunity to be with others and engage in a mixture of lessons and activities throughout the day! I discovered new facts about the community and the importance of being part of it. Molly Carmichael, Year 8

These two days were excellent opportunities for our students to reflect on their faith and a reminder to care for themselves and others.

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