Students Tackle Modern Day Slavery

Modern slavery and human trafficking are among the most pressing human rights issues of our time, affecting millions of lives worldwide. To tackle these critical issues head-on, St Brigid’s College in Lesmurdie recently hosted the Seeds of Justice conference. This event brought together compassionate Year 10 students from four Mercy schools across Perth including our own Seeds of Justice members. The conference aimed to educate and inspire these young minds, transforming them into activists ready to make a real impact in their communities. Their mission: to tackle the urgent issues of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Thirty-five motivated students attended the conference, not just to listen, but to become activists ready to effect change in their communities. The day was packed with reflections, informative sessions, and workshops. Students engaged in roundtable discussions to deeply understand the complexities of modern slavery, exploring its roots, indicators, and far-reaching consequences.

Deacon Greg Lowe, Director of the Catholic Migrant and Refugee Centre, shared powerful insights and firsthand accounts of those affected by trafficking and modern slavery. His narrative, though intense, spurred the students into action.

Our Seeds of Justice members shared their experiences and takeaways from the conference.

“It was a day of learning new things. The conference has been very beneficial for my understanding of all the different types of modern-day slavery,” shared Alyssa.

Naomi added, “The conference empowered us to confront hard truths about the issue rather than remaining complicit.”

Students used research to deepen their understanding, uncover hidden truths, and dispel misconceptions. Armed with facts and figures, they emerged as informed advocates, ready to challenge injustice.

“It was empowering to discuss how we can act and create awareness in our own school community,” said Sophie. “I really enjoyed collaborating with students from other Mercy schools to learn about modern slavery and how we can act,” remarked Olivia.

“We discussed ways we could help victims of this crime by raising awareness at our school,” noted Nitya. Elizabeth was particularly inspired: “I joined the Seeds of Justice group to make a change, and after this conference, I’ve never felt more inspired.”

By the end of the day, an unmistakable sense of empowerment filled the air. Our students returned to Santa Maria College not just inspired but ready to tackle the issue with unwavering resolve.

In the coming weeks, these students will lead efforts to raise awareness and propose practical solutions for our community. As they continue to nurture their passion for social justice, may they carry forward the hope of a brighter, more equitable future for all.

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