Students Take on the Rottnest Channel Swim

Sirena McDowell, Sharni Crouch, Lucy Anderson and Georgia Anderson

It’s that time of the year when the Rottnest Channel Swim is scheduled and many Santa Maria students look forward to competing. On Saturday, a number of students swam the 19.7km through the channel from Cottesloe beach in the hope of reaching the destination of Rottnest Island.

The swim can be completed in a team of four, a duo (two swimmers), or a as a solo crossing. The Rottnest Channel Swim brings lots of challenges, stingers, strong winds, mirky water, currents, but most importantly memorable fun times. Whether it is your first crossing or fourth, it is a day to remember!   

This year I completed the swim in a team of four called the MNG-Misfits, with my fellow Santa Maria teammates, Lucy Anderson, Sharni Crouch, and Sirena McDowell. The day started with a 4.00 am alarm with little sleep under our belts due to so much excitement!  

Autumn Weston, Holly Preston, Isabella Weston, Tahlia Fairhead

As we danced, sang, and swam our way to Rottnest we were faced with tough conditions and a strong current pushing us further north of the island. We each had a huge sigh of relief as we crossed the finish line, surrounded by friends and family! Words cannot explain the feeling when you cross the finish line, it is an amazing feeling and a massive achievement.   

A special congratulations to the following students who also competed and received awards at this event:   

  • Jessica Craig (Year 12) finished third in the Female Duo category.
  • Brooklyn Barr (Year 12), Ava Forrest (Year 9) and Megan Cranley (2020) finished third in the Female Team of 4 category.

Below is a list of students and past students, we know of , who swam.

Current Students

Georgia Anderson (Year 12)
Lucy Anderson (Year 12)
Kiara Bateman (Year 12)
Jessica Craig (Year 12) 
Sharni Crouch (Year 12)
Tahlia Fairhead (Year 12)
Ava Forrest (Year 9)
Jasmine Hussey (Year 12)

Georgia Law (Year 9)
Sirena McDowell (Year 12)
Sage Murphy (Year 12)
Holly Preston (Year 12)
Stephanie Price (Year 12)
Macie Sicree (Year 12)
Autumn Weston (Year 12)
Isabella Weston (Year 12)

Past Students

Laura Agostino (2011)
Madeline Agostino (2011)
Sophie Carrara (2018) 
Kate Collins (2019)
Megan Cranley (2020)
Lorena D’Amato(2018)
Bella McLernon (2012)
Belinda Mertens (2015)
Bianca Petitt (2019)

Elizabeth Pitts (2013)
Emily Pitts (2015)
Claire Ryan (2018)
Monique Shearwood (2017)
Justine Spurr (2011)
Jessica Wilkes (2018)
Emma Watson (2017)
Monique Ziegelaar (2013)  

Past students Claire Ryan, Jessica Wilkes & Lorena D’Amato with team mate Cooper Jackson

This event is a highlight of the summer here in Perth. If you have the chance to complete it, you should. Congratulations to everyone in our College community who completed the crossing! Hats off to your outstanding achievement that you will never forget!     

Georgia Anderson, Sports Captain 

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