Students Take Part in Australian Geography Competition

This week, a group of Year 7 students are taking part in the 25th annual Australian Geography Competition. Over 65,000 students from around Australia have entered the competition, which is a joint initiative of the Australian Geography Teachers’ Association and the Royal Geographical Society of Queensland. The girls have been meeting over the last four weeks to work on past competition papers and discuss all things Geography!

Student Maia Clayden said, “It has been fun working together to figure out the Geography practice questions”.  Ella Sharman stated, “I’ve enjoyed the challenges that the questions have given me.”

Geography teacher Geoff Kay said he hopes that having become familiar with the competition, these girls will be keen to enter the competition again in future years.

This competition is a chance to highlight the vital subject of Geography and challenge students understanding of places and people and socio-economic and environmental interactions, which are important to the future of Australia. The girls have learnt a lot in their preparation for the competition and we wish them every success.

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