Students Visit Coogee Common

Coogee Common was built in 1894 and was originally the Coogee Hotel or ‘Four Mile Well’. Being just four miles from Fremantle, it was a popular stop for local market gardeners and others around the district. The building is now home to Coogee Common.

Today our Years 11 and 12 Food Science & Technology students were treated to a garden tour and sit-down lunch inside the Coogee Common restaurant. Students have been researching the environmental, social, and economic benefits of locally sourced produce. What better way to educate and inspire the girls, than a hands-on learning experience with the opportunity to see and taste seasonal tasting menus built around produce harvested each day by the Coogee Common chefs!

With the in-depth guided tour through the Coogee Common garden and time spent with podcast producer Steve Wood from All The Dirt, this past term has enabled the Food Science & Technology students to become more aware of their surroundings. The girls are now looking at creative ways to be more eco-friendly and minimise their carbon footprint.

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