A Visit to Huzzard Studios

Years 9 and 10 Digital Media & Photography students were fortunate to take part in an excursion to Huzzard Studios, located in the Perth CBD this week. Comprising of multiple studios over four floors and 4,000 square metres, Huzzard Studios is one of the largest photographic studios in Australia. Accompanied by Digital Media teachers Jessica Ieritano and Melissa Marshall, our students set off on the excursion with the aim of gaining experience in a professional photography studio environment that enables them to learn and experiment with different lighting equipment.

The girls spent the day rotating throughout two different studio environments, which comprised of five different lighting setups and backdrops. Students had an opportunity to take turns modelling, capturing portrait images and assisting in lighting equipment setup. The girls were challenged to think creatively about their photo composition, lighting positioning and how their choice of positioning affects the overall outcome of the image

Prior to starting their photo-shoot rotations, our students experienced a studio lighting workshop by professional photographer and studio owner Chris Huzzard. Chris discussed various areas of lighting and photography, including DSLR camera theory and setup, photo editing tips and how to work in a studio space in a safe manner that is in line with Work Health and Safety requirements. This was a great opportunity for our girls to meet with a professional and allowed them to help problem solve potential photography issues that may arise in their photoshoot.

Here is what some of the students had to say about the experience at Huzzard Studios:

I learnt how to shoot photos with special lighting techniques that I never knew before. I enjoyed that I could choose how I wanted my friends to pose for my photos, and I loved using the big white cyclorama backdrop. Kosar Azimian, Year 9

What I loved about our studio excursion was that we got the experience of a real-life studio environment with highly professional equipment and a professional assistant. I loved seeing the impact it had on my own photography. Abigail Marra, Year 10

Upon return to class, the girls will have the chance to go through the photo processing phase. They will select their best shots from the photoshoot and will dedicate some time to editing and fine-tuning these images as part of their portfolio. We can’t wait to see what they have produced!

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