Students Visit Iconic Fremantle Landmark

Last Sunday, the Years 7 & 8 boarders set off to the Fremantle Markets. Once we arrived, we walked to our meeting point for later that afternoon and then began our adventure through the markets.

Whilst in the very hot and sweaty markets we had a blast tasting food, to throwing splat balls at a table, we could not have had more fun. While we were there some of us caught up with friends, siblings and cousins from other schools.

Before we knew it, we had to go back to our meeting point to walk back to the bus and leave. Heading back on the bus we sang to some awesome music blasting from my speaker and arguing over who got to make the queue for the songs. Overall, we all had a blast walking around and talking with our friends. I look forward too many other recs like this one. Emma Smith, Year 8

The Year 7 & 8s trekked off to the Fremantle Markets on Sunday afternoon for Rec. We all had a look around buying and taste testing lots of the fresh, delicious foods the stalls had on offer. Afterwards, we walked down the street and stopped at a Tutti Fruity shop along the way with a few girls to buy a refresher. After our frozen yoghurt, we walked down to the grassy area near the esplanade where we met the bus before heading back to boarding. We also had a fun little sing/dance party on the bus to and from the markets where everyone joined in listening, singing and waving along to some party songs. Carly Lester, Year 8

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