Students Workshop With Sydney Dance Company

It has been a very exciting week for Evie and Grace McCormack, Emily Barker (Year 10) and Monet Hinscliff (Year 9) who have had the opportunity to participate in a week of intensive workshops with Sydney Dance Company.

The students from Santa Maria have been selected, along with 20 other dancers from across Perth, to learn the Company’s repertoire from David Mack and Kate Grima-Farrel and participate in creative development and improvisation sessions inspired by Artistic Director Rafael Bonachela’s creative process.

Grace McCormack said “I’m having a blast at the Sydney Dance Company workshop. I have learnt to incorporate more contrast into my dancing and have become much more confident in partner work. Through learning the repertoire of the company, I have been exposed to faster and more intricate contemporary choreography. The whole experience has improved me as a dancer and opened my eyes to choreography as a real Sydney dance company dancer!”

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