Supporting Those In Need This Easter

Our annual Caritas Day took place today to raise funds for Project Compassion. This day was Santa Maria’s Lenten event to encourage everyone to donate money to Project Compassion during this season of giving.

The Mercy Walk came alive with an Easter theme as the co-curricular service groups put up a wide range of food and activities stalls. Some of the food on offer was ice-cream sandwiches, lolly bags, pizza, fair trade chocolate, hot chips and sweet and sour straps. There was also a variety of activities to participate in, including an Easter raffle, card and cup games, and place a coin on the Project Compassion box. There were also plants, cards, essential oils, and wax wraps on sale. It was a vibrant day for everyone to enjoy.

Project Compassion is the fundraising appeal for this term. Caritas Australia do an amazing job helping communities who lack basic necessities. So far, we have had a great response, with many students already donating their $10.00. We still encourage all those who haven’t donated to do so before Friday 26 March.

Our aim this year is to raise enough money for a 5L water tank per Year group, for people struggling in Tanzania, the Solomon Islands and Bangladesh. They rely on our donations to make a difference in their lives and Santa Maria never disappoints when it comes to helping communities who need our support.

Milla Dundas, Service Captain

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