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Surfin’ at Margs: Surf Camp

Surfin’ at Margs: Surf Camp

Joanne Beechey, has been asked many times in her career why she loves teaching Outdoor Education and her answer is quite simple. “Because of Outdoor Ed camps like this! I get to provide an opportunity to build student self-confidence through taking on outdoor challenges and pushing individuals far beyond their comfort zone in a way which can’t be seen in a classroom. Seeing students reflect on what they have achieved with big smiles and genuine excitement is what makes my job so rewarding.”

This Year 12 Outdoor Ed camp was something really special and one that Joanne believes will stay with these students for a long time. “We were blessed with exceptional weather and surfing conditions at Redgate Beach for our three days of surfing, however, that’s not what made this camp wonderful. It was the way these young ladies approached it, with positive attitudes, a willingness to give it a go, and through the amazing support and encouragement for each other to succeed.”

Here’s what the class had to say…

The best part…  

Across the board we all agreed our favourite part was the support we received from each other out on the waves. After catching the first wave for the day, turning back to see the whole class sitting on their boards cheering and dancing was a great feeling and set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Something we learnt… 

We learnt about the importance of patience especially when out in the waves. We were taught to take time when choosing the appropriate waves to surf and when to paddle out after sets. Many failures and repetitions were required for us to grow but with the support of our classmates, coaches and teachers this was made a lot easier. This enabled us to flourish in our surfing abilities and to also reiterate the underlying significance of patience particularly when on an outdoor education camp.  

Biggest challenge…

The biggest challenge for us was being physically tired and drained by the last day, as well as not getting the best sleep, making it difficult to keep the enthusiasm alive. Not all of us usually wake up early, so getting up at 5.00 am each morning and eating breakfast in the dark was definitely a challenge for most.

We were surfing each day for five hours and then completing an activity after each surf session. The hardest one being the hike after a big day out on the surf. Luckily having a supportive and positive class enabled us to push through our challenges, stay motivated, and really enjoy this camp.

Why I love Outdoor Ed…

I love the Outdoor Education course at Santa Maria because of the things it has taught me. I have been able to broaden my knowledge on the importance of protecting, connecting, and appreciating the natural environment, whilst experiencing activities in the outdoors. These activities have enabled me to expand my personal qualities, specifically the importance of patience and understanding when in the outdoors. The course has also educated me in skills such as leadership, safety and first aid, risk management, and communication. The outdoor education course has assisted me to grow as a person and to display stewardship whilst enjoying time in the outdoors.

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