Year 12 Biology Students Zoo Visit

The Year 12 Biology students visited the Zoo on Monday afternoon, to further explore concepts being studied including; homeostasis, evolution and conservation through captive breeding.

Students Model Natural Selection

Year 10 Biology students have been studying the process of natural selection. Today they modelled the process of natural selection and the effect of camouflage on predation.

Biology Camp – Quadrats & Transects

As a component of the Year 11 Biology course, students have been on camp this week, staying at the Perth Hills Discovery Centre in Beelu National Park. The girls took part in field work activities and saw conservation programs in action.

Biology Classroom Moves to the Zoo

On Friday 4 August, Year 12 Biology students went to the Perth Zoo to look at the evolution of primates and how sexual dimorphism has influenced the way different organisms look, and the particular adaptations they have to survive in their environment. We walked around exploring different areas of the zoo including the African savannah, the Asian rainforest and the Australian bushwalk.

Year 11 Biology Camp

Our Year 11 students recently spent two days conducting fieldwork, helping gather data for the Department of Parks and Wildlife.

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