2020 Winter Appeal Kicks Off

Our 2020 Winter Appeal kicked off this week. In this, our year of Compassion, we are being asked to donate items or cash to support those less fortunate.

Volunteer Week: Students Create Care Packages

This week is National Volunteer Week, Santa Maria students volunteer in the community as part of our Service program, but many go above and beyond their compulsory hours because they enjoy the benefits of volunteering.

Love Letter To The World

Year 9 Religious Education students have been writing love letters to the world, highlighting the love, courage and positivity evident during these times.

Welcome to Western Australia!

Students from the Santa Maria Seeds of Justice leadership group attended a ‘Welcome to WA’ picnic for refugee families and hosted by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Santa4Santa Day

Santa4Santa day is a day of Christmas celebrations to fundraise for those less fortunate. The money raised is combined with the donations and items collected for the Christmas Appeal and is donated to St Vincent de Paul, the Shopfront and St Patrick’s in Fremantle.

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