Combat for Year 9s

The Year 9 Drama class has just completed a four-week armed combat course working with Nastassja Norwood from Stage Combat Perth.

Music with a Message

The Year 10 Music class put on a concert this week, performing compositions that raise awareness of issues the girls were passionate about.

French Days of the Week

Year 7 French students have been learning the days of the week in French. To reinforce what they have learned, they were asked to create their own French rap song. Here’s one of them.

Year 7 Camp 2020

The beautiful Nanga Bush Camp, Lane Poole Reserve, was the perfect setting for the Year 7s to exercise their camp motto of ‘challenge by choice’.

Highlights from Italy

A ‘life-changing’ experience sums up what the following three students experienced on exchange to Italy during the summer break.

Highlights from France

The chance to immerse yourself in the language and culture of the country you study, was an opportunity some of our French students enjoyed over the summer break.

What is PCT?

You might read on your daughter’s timetable PCT, or on her booklist Mercy Wellbeing Journal. PCT stands for pastoral care time, and, it is something that has been part of our timetable for many, many years.

Year 10 Touch Football Gala

The College oval was full of colour, excitement, cheering, umpiring calls, music and fun on Monday afternoon with the inaugural Year 10 Touch Football Gala.

Year 7 Activity Day

Year 7 students from Santa Maria and Aquinas College enjoyed a fun afternoon of games last week, giving students the opportunity to develop new friendships.

The Value of Student Voice – Jennifer Oaten

“At Santa Maria College, we are not only given the opportunity, but we are encouraged by our teachers and each other to voice our opinions, concerns and ideas—to continue moving forward as a school and as a community. Student voice is integral for growth, and allows for us, as students to have an active role in shaping our education.”

A Kaleidoscope of Talent!

The Mercy Walk was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, patterns and shapes as students proudly paraded their creations at this Year’s Art Exhibition and Fashion Parade.

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