Year 10 Design: Save the Date

Year 10 Design students were given the challenging task of creating an event styling display. The girls’ projects are now on display in the Mercy Gallery.

What Do We Learn Through Coding?

At Santa Maria College, our Years 7 and 8 students are fortunate to be able to choose one of two Digital Technologies subjects – Creative Media or Robotics & Coding. We believe both subjects offer rich experiences to create amazing things with technology.

Be Street Smart

The Year 10 REACH class had the opportunity to attend RAC Arena for the RACbstreetsmart event this week with over 7000 other students.

Brain Stem Workshop

Brain Stem students had the chance to participate in a workshop presented by Neuroscientist, Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger.

Say Sorry

Saying sorry not only makes those we have wronged feel better, it heals us and our relationship with God.

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