Dolls of Love

Uthando Dolls is a co-curricular activity where students create a beautiful doll that will be sent to a child in South Africa.

Year 10 Design: Save the Date

Year 10 Design students were given the challenging task of creating an event styling display. The girls’ projects are now on display in the Mercy Gallery.

Around the World Christmas Markets

Class 5.5 held an Around The World Christmas Market this week. Each group was given a country to research how they celebrated Christmas. They set up market stalls to educate their classmates.

Music with a Message

The Year 10 Music class put on a concert this week, performing compositions that raise awareness of issues the girls were passionate about.

Pentecost Challenge

In Religious Education, Year 10s are learning about the importance of Pentecost. Today they undertook a ‘Pentecost Challenge’.

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