Book Bento Boxes

Ever heard of a Book Bento Box? Our Year 5s have. It is a presentation method that encourages students to think imaginatively and in innovative ways.

Art Encounter Days

Each year, the Visual Arts Learning Area holds two Encounter Days for Year 12 Visual Art and Design students. These days give students the chance to work with well-known artists and designers.

Year 8s Zoom Ahead With Robots

Year 8 Robotics and Coding is a class offered by the Technology & Commerce Learning Area. The course is new in 2020 and aligns with Digital Technologies in the Australian Curriculum.

French Days of the Week

Year 7 French students have been learning the days of the week in French. To reinforce what they have learned, they were asked to create their own French rap song. Here’s one of them.

Year 10 Site-Specific Dance

After working in isolation at home in their bedrooms, hallways and gardens, the Year 10 dancers are now back and collaborating on a Site-Specific Tour of the College.

Lunedì, Martedì, Mercoledì

Year 7 Languages students have been learning the days of the week in their Language classes. The girls were given the task to write a song about the topic.

Film Music Analysis

What is your favourite piece of film music, that big orchestral sound that brings your Saturday night movie to life?

Recreating Works of Art

Inspired by a challenge set by Getty Museum, Santa Maria Visual Arts staff and students were challenged to recreate works of art using items and people from home.

A Labour of Love

Religious Education and Home Economics teacher, Andrea Dopson, recently took on a labour of love, creating four new altar cloths for the College.

A Kaleidoscope of Talent!

The Mercy Walk was transformed into a kaleidoscope of colours, textures, patterns and shapes as students proudly paraded their creations at this Year’s Art Exhibition and Fashion Parade.

A Unique Performance

Drama students from Years 9, 10 and 11 enjoyed a performance of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, in a unique performance opportunity at the Pop-Up-Globe this week.

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