Brain Stem Workshop

Brain Stem students had the chance to participate in a workshop presented by Neuroscientist, Associate Professor Jennifer Rodger.

A Pilgrimage of Mercy

Year 9 students will shortly retrace the steps of Ursula Frayne and her companions, as part of their Reflection Days. But why go on pilgrimage?

Our Take on the Election

If you have been following the US election with as much interest as we have, you might appreciate the insights of some of our Year 11 Politics & Law students

Pentecost Challenge

In Religious Education, Year 10s are learning about the importance of Pentecost. Today they undertook a ‘Pentecost Challenge’.

Caring for Chicks

Year 10 Biology students have been conducting an investigation to examine how birth order affects the growth rates of newly born chickens.

Bringing Science to Life

Bringing science to life is the passion of Ailsa Harris, Head of Science. She and her department have developed elective subjects our girls can really get their teeth into.

Book Bento Boxes

Ever heard of a Book Bento Box? Our Year 5s have. It is a presentation method that encourages students to think imaginatively and in innovative ways.

Fun With Yabbies

At Santa Maria College, Year 11 Biology students have the opportunity to develop their scientific inquiry skills by working with yabbies.

Adaptations in Science

The Year 5 students have been learning about adaptations in Science this term, and how they help animals and plants to survive and thrive in the wild.

Blubber Gloves!

Year 5 students visited the Super Lab today to conduct an investigation into how effective blubber is for staying warm.

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