eco sisters

Caring For Our Waterways

Our Eco Sisters, loved connecting learning to life this week when they had the opportunity to learn first-hand from Vaughn Chapple, Senior Marine Ranger for the Parks & Wildlife Service, who spoke the girls about how we can care for our marine environment.

Eco Sisters Help Out at Kaarakin

Last weekend, six of our Eco Sisters participated in community service at the Kaarakin Cockatoo Conservation Centre, to assist the centre with fundraising, during their open days.

Plastic Free July – Make Your Own Bees Wax Wraps

During July, the students at Santa Maria College have been working on projects to reduce the amount of plastic they use. One of the initiatives was to show them how to create their own beeswax wraps that can be useful for wrapping their lunch, cutlery or everyday items.

Why should we bother trying to make a difference?

Recently, a student asked me about why they should bother trying to make a difference. Why should they be the one to use less plastic, or recycle, or plant a tree?
Eco Sisters is about educating our students to be environmentally responsible.

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