From the Principal

From The Principal – Development of the Santa Maria College Master Plan

As part of the Santa Maria College Strategic Plan one of our focus areas is to complete the following objective: ‘In consultation with community members, prepare a Master Plan and a staged Capital Development Plan with financial modelling.’ To ensure this process is inclusive our stakeholder group will consist of students, parents and staff.

From the Principal – Discussing Reports With Your Daughter

A very busy Semester 1 has come to a close. In Senior Years, Year 10s have completed their first examinations and have learnt a great deal about the need for planning, preparation and the effectiveness of different revision strategies. Meanwhile, our Year 12 students recently celebrated ‘half way day’.

From the Principal – Mother’s Day

Today we celebrated Mother’s Day with a very special Mass for the Year 7 students and their mothers. The Mass was a way for the girls to spend some quiet reflective time with their mothers in prayer.

From The Principal – Farewell Sister Marg

Santa Maria College was established in 1938 by the Sisters of Mercy, and for 80 years we have been blessed with having Sisters on staff as principals, teachers and boarding staff. Today marks a very significant and sad day in the history of the College as Sister Marg Lipsett our only remaining Sister of Mercy on staff retires.

From the Principal, 29 March 2018

Families celebrate Easter in many different ways. For some it is the thrill of an Easter hunt, for others, it is sharing hot cross buns or a meal with family. As Catholics, we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus by joining together in prayer during Holy Week.

From the Principal 23 March 2018

I was very proud of all our students who participated in the Cross Country today. To see students from Years 5 – 12 taking part and showing great support and encouragement for each other demonstrates our great House spirit.

From the Principal – Friday 2 February 2018

This week was my first week with students, as Principal of Santa Maria College and it has been wonderful welcoming all of the girls, both our returning students and all of our new students. I hope their first week has been a positive experience.

From the Principal – 17 November 2017

Last Saturday evening I attended the College Ball. In congratulating everyone who assisted in making this such a special night, I particularly acknowledge Dean of Year, Rebecca Waterhouse. Rebecca’s outstanding preparation for any event is well-known to all who have worked with her.

From the Principal – Parent Engagement

The topic of Parent Engagement as opposed to Parent Involvement is an important one for all schools. Parents are the primary educators and we must never forget this. Yes, the school plays an important part in your daughter’s education but values and attitudes are formed at home. When the home environment and school environment are complimentary, learning is enhanced.

From the Principal – 28 July 2017

One of the strengths of the College is our strong House system. All large schools need smaller places where students feel special. This occurs in Year groups and Homeroom groups, and to a very large extent within the eight Houses.

From the Principal – 21 July 2017

Congratulations to the staff and students who took part in the Canberra Tour during the holidays. There were two Year groups that took part in this tour. The Year 9 students were under the leadership of staff member Andrea Fitzpatrick and the Year 10 students had Tyra White as their leader.

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