Languages’ Cultural Day

Authentic French pastries and artisanal gelato is on the menu for recess and lunch today… because it’s Languages’ Cultural day here at Santa Maria.

Why Celebrate Languages?

Head of Languages, Linda Macdonald discusses why it is important to celebrate the ability to speak languages other than our own, especially in a climate of intolerance.

French Speaking Afternoons

Over two separate afternoons, the Years 11 and 12 French classes met with French students from Wesley College for an afternoon filled with conversational activities.

Bon appétit!

The Year 8 French students enjoyed an evening of French gastronomy this week with a three-course French dinner held in the Mercy Community Room. Elegantly set tables and a view of the city lights provided a great atmosphere for our students to enjoy. There were opportunities for students to use the French language (including saying grace before the meal)

Buon Appetito

Year 8 Italian students were treated to an Italian dinner at Numero Uno restaurant. It was a great experience and helped us to immerse ourselves in the Italian culture through food, without leaving the country.

Celebrating Languages at Santa Maria

The College was a sea of colour, as students dressed up in cultural costumes and decorated the Mercy Walk. Cultural Day is a day dedicated to languages and recognises different cultures; it highlights the importance of multiculturalism throughout Australia and within our own College Community. 

Linguistics Olympiad

On Wednesday, Emily McFadden, Eva Quattrini and I, competed in the first round of the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad. In this competition, students represent their school in an intense two-hour contest.

French And Italian Classes Join Together

Last Thursday and Friday, the Year 7 French and Italian students were treated to a fun-filled lesson. Our two exchange students, Céline Bossuet, from France and Lia CImino, from Italy, presented a lovely presentation to the language students about themselves, their family, their school and the city they come from.

Languages Cultural Day

This year’s Languages Cultural Day was a huge success, with a large number of activities organised giving girls the opportunity to celebrate different cultures from around the world.

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