Bringing Science to Life

Bringing science to life is the passion of Ailsa Harris, Head of Science. She and her department have developed elective subjects our girls can really get their teeth into.

What is PCT?

You might read on your daughter’s timetable PCT, or on her booklist Mercy Wellbeing Journal. PCT stands for pastoral care time, and, it is something that has been part of our timetable for many, many years.

Smores and Solar Ovens

Year 7 science students were challenged to research, design and create a solar oven capable of melting a chocolate smore (marshmallow sandwich) this week.

The Value of Student Voice – Jennifer Oaten

“At Santa Maria College, we are not only given the opportunity, but we are encouraged by our teachers and each other to voice our opinions, concerns and ideas—to continue moving forward as a school and as a community. Student voice is integral for growth, and allows for us, as students to have an active role in shaping our education.”

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