Boarders Without Borders

Boarders without Borders is about our incoming boarding students connecting with each other, no matter the distance and before they arrive at the College.

Pentecost Challenge

In Religious Education, Year 10s are learning about the importance of Pentecost. Today they undertook a ‘Pentecost Challenge’.

Love Letter To The World

Year 9 Religious Education students have been writing love letters to the world, highlighting the love, courage and positivity evident during these times.

Welcome Back Boarders!

Our Boarding Community is again alive with laughter, love and fun.The returning boarders have bought back a greater appreciation of this wonderful community.

Year 6 Students Reflect and Celebrate

In celebration of the end of primary school, our Year 6 girls enjoyed a day of celebration and reflection last week. This rite of passage into high school has become a tradition here at Santa Maria.

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