The Student Voice

Year 12 Executive were invited to attend the last College Advisory Council meeting to share their goals and visions for the student body in 2020.

Constable Care

Year 5s Enjoy their Reflection Day

While the older girls were at the Interhouse Swimming Carnival, the Year 5 girls enjoyed a day filled with fun, learning and activity as part of their Reflection Retreat Day.

laying a wreath

Remembering Vyner Brooke

For the fourth year in a row, History students from Santa Maria have had the honour of participating in the annual Vyner Brooke memorial ceremony held at Point Walter

Students Create Indigenous Mural

As part of Santa4Santa day, the YARN co-curricular group organised a local Indigenous artist to come to the College to help the group create a mural in the fitness centre.

Welcome to Western Australia!

Students from the Santa Maria Seeds of Justice leadership group attended a ‘Welcome to WA’ picnic for refugee families and hosted by the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Santa4Santa Day

Santa4Santa day is a day of Christmas celebrations to fundraise for those less fortunate. The money raised is combined with the donations and items collected for the Christmas Appeal and is donated to St Vincent de Paul, the Shopfront and St Patrick’s in Fremantle.

Staff Take Time Out

This week, our staff were given the opportunity to enjoy a Community and Wellbeing afternoon with activities on offer such as yoga, meditation, tennis, singing, boardgames and art.

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